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25 JUN 2015 LibertyCall 0

Making a Big ‘ol Batch of Spiced Rum!

We’re making our #3 batch of Spiced Rum. This time we are making a lot of it, due to popular demand. Most people liked the increased flavor from batch #1 to #2, so we decided to go all-in and knock out about 50 cases of it. Look for it on your store shelves or local […]

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12 JUN 2015 LibertyCall 0

Making batch #3 of White Rum, Bring on the Funk!

Making rum is harder than most people think. It’s more than fermenting cane sugar with turbo yeast. This last batch we stepped it up a notch and used the dunder from a previous rum batch, along with some funking dunder that we’ve had sitting in a corner. The result? A White Rum almost as classy […]

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29 MAY 2015 LibertyCall 1